€ 150,000 in participatory loan: our goal



lluminations Services offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to contribute to the financing of its development projects with an innovative financing tool: the participative loan in minibars.

Since October 15 and for 3 months, the project will be supported from € 20 on, crowdfunding platform of CCI de France.

Boosting savings by supporting the local economy becomes accessible to the crowd.


This is the entrepreneurial story of Marc Questel, an enthusiast of Urban Illuminations who founded in 2005 Illuminations Services. For 13 years, the company has been lighting stations, downtown, large restaurants and shopping malls to celebrate the end of the year celebrations.

Today it launches the brilliant opportunity of an innovative financing: the participative loan in minibons.
The principle ? Investors lend money and are reimbursed for capital and interest every month. Interest rates range from 3 to 9% depending on the project. A simple and flexible way to grow your savings while supporting the real economy.








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