COVID-19 information


Dear customer, 

In accordance with the government's instructions,

our company has reopened its doors to the public.


Our priority is everyone's health, which is why we have to be supportive.

with the decisions of the state.


As of today, we are setting up the necessary organizations

to offer you an optimized service.


The reception of our customers on our site is always possible.

However the wearing of a mask is compulsory for all.


Let us be responsible and supportive of each other in these difficult times.


Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

See you soon.


The Illuminations Services team.











Illuminations Services is specialized in Christmas decoration and illumination. 


We offer:

> A large choice among a wide range of light decorations...

> WE PROVIDE FULL SERVICE: study, proposal, implementation, installation and removal of the illuminations, customer service, bringing into conformity, storage option for your decorations.

> RENTING SERVICE: patterns, 3D decorations, garlands, friezes, supplies, light projection...

> SALES: secured light patterns, new or reconditioned.

> TAILOR-MADE: implementation of specific and personalized designs.

> Special offers for low budget...

Illuminations Services
9, rue de l’industrie

Tél. / Fax : + 33 (0)2 32 64 91 45
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