Rent or purchase, it is difficult to say which solution is more advatageous.

Each case deserves an in-depth study, depending on your criteria, technical services, storage, expected services etc.





It is because we wish to adapt ourselves to your requirements as well as technical, budgetary or decorative, that we sell new or used patterns. We also carry out specific designs insofar as the design and its installation are feasible.





The rental of grounds is governed by a contract on 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years depending on each case.


The advantages of the rental are:

  • To have a pre-established budget on the period of contract and thus not to have bad surprises during the year.
  • We take care of the bringing in conformity of the patterns.
  • We store the rented patterns in our offices.
  • We provide free maintenance of the decors rented during the period of your contract.
  • Patterns are delivered ready to install (power cord and turntables).
  • Depending on your geographical area, we will install and drop the patterns if you wish.
  • You have the possibility to change scenery every year. For this we have ranges of choice regarding the size and the type of pattern.
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